Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004

Siemens Arena – one of the largest sports, entertainment and business arenas in Vilnius, one of the largest in the Baltic States. Named after the German company Siemens AG. The arena was opened on 30th October 2004.

The building is equipped with Comfort Heat roof ice and snow melting system; electric floor heating system is installed in the changing rooms.

Project scope:

Rainwater drainage system length: 380 m,

Changing rooms floor heating area: 24 m²,

Output: 18/36 W/m,

Total output: 8,7 kW.


CTAV-18 heating cables  – 2 pcs. ,

ETV-1991 thermostats  – 2 pcs.,

Gte2  self-limiting heating cable  – 406 m,

ETO2- 4550 thermostats – 2 pcs.,

ETOR-55  roof sensors – 2 pcs.,

ETF-744 temperature sensors  – 2 pcs.