Kiev National Circus, Kiev, 2020

The history of the circus art of Ukraine begins with the IX century. Wandering artists entertained the audience until 1797. That year the Kontraktovaya Fair was transported from Dubno to Kiev what led to the emergence of “booths” and “circus-columns”. In November 1960, the construction of the new building of the Kiev circus, which accommodates 1,900 spectators, was completed. Today the circus has its own artists of various circus genres, a ballet troupe, one of the best musical groups.

The buildings have a smart Comfort Heat roof ice and snow melting system and frost protection system of downpipes.

Project scope:

Pipeline system length – 902 m,

Total output – 43,6 kW.


GTe2 self-regulating heating cable – 140 m,

CTACV-30 heating cables – 12  pcs.,

ET02-4550 thermostats – 2 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensor – 4 pcs.

ETF-744 temperature sensor – 2 pcs.