Comfort Heat heating cables will protect the technological pipelines of the cogeneration plant from freezing

The construction of the Vilnius cogeneration power plant (VKJ) will be opened soon. Comfort Heat heating cables were installed to protect the power plant’s technological pipelines from freezing,  installation and commissioning work was performed by specialists from the NRG site.

August 31 the first hot tests have been started at the Vilnius cogeneration power plant, during which it will be checked, whether the systems are ready to produce heat and electricity. Tests of the power plant’s technological equipment were first started in a waste-fired boiler, and only natural gas is currently used for testing. Among energy professionals, such a stage of power plant construction is called the “first flame”.

The construction of the power plant is still in progress, moving to the “hot” testing stage of technological equipment. The trial period will run until the end of the year. When VKJ starts operating, the total capacity of the power plant will be about 100 MW, and the thermal capacity will be about 240 MW. The VKJ construction project is being implemented by the international energy company Ignitis Group.