What is the required installation heating power for a floor heating?

The heating power can vary from 40 to 160 W/m². The required power must be based on a detailed calculation of the heat loss of the building per square meter (W/m²), which can be estimated by the architect, the specialist in the energy calculations of the buildings – engineer, consultant.

It is important to calculate the heated area of the heated floor. Therefore, the area of cabinets, baths, toilets, etc., should be subtracted from the total area of the room. To ensure a quick warm-up of the heating system, the total calculated power must be increased by 30%, multiplied by the factor k = 1,3.

The required power can be calculated:

P inst. (W) = Ppask. (W/m²) x Heated Area (m²) x k = 60 W/m² x 10 m² 1,3 = 780W.