Shopping centre MEGA in Kaunas, Lithuania, 2016

The shopping and leisure center MEGA was opened in Kaunas, after reconstruction, with more than 70 new shops, cafes, restaurants, service salons, and the largest in the Baltic countries 7.5 thousand m² sports and wellness center VS-Fitness. The shopping center has a new multi-store car parking for 800 cars. The total Mega building after reconstruction makes up the total area of 102 000 sq. metres. To make customers visit pleasant, the shopping center has installed Comfort Heat ice and snow melting systems on the roof and in the car parking.


Project scope:

Car parking electrical heating area – 306 m²,

Rainwater drainage system length: 680 m,

Output: 18/36 W/m, 30 W/m,

Total output: 92,6 kW.




CTACE – 30 heating cables – 57 pcs.,

GTe2 self-regulating heating cable – 120 m,

ETR2-1550 thermostats – 9 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensors – 7 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensors – 2 pcs.,

ETF-744/99 temperature sensors -2 pcs.