Pine terraces residential houses in Vilnius, 2015

“Pine Terraces” is a new residential complex in a pine forest in Antakalnis district in Vilnius.

The construction of Pine Terraces was completed at the end of 2015. A closed settlement of 5-7 storehouses has been formed on a 2.5-hectare plot of land near the Antakalnis pine forest, 382 new apartments have been designed.

Residential houses have a smart Comfort Heat ice and snow melting and frost protection systems of roofs, driveways and pipelines.

Project scope:

Rainwater drainage system length – 313 m,

Pipeline system length  – 700 m,

Driveway area – 20 m²,

Total output – 23 kW.



11FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 363 m,

17FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 412 m,

23FSLe2- CT self-regulating heating cable – 46 m,

Gte2 self-regulating heating cable – 323 m,

CFSAV-300 heating mats – 2 pcs.,

CFTAV-300 heating mats – 2 pcs. ,

ETV-1991thermostat  – 8 pcs.,

ETR2-1550 thermostat  – 5 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensor – 2 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensor  – 3 pcs.,

ETF-744 temperature sensor  – 3 pcs.