Narbutas 5 office building in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017

Narbuto 5 Business center offers 4 620 m² of A class office space. Business center has innovative technologies and building solutions for energy efficiency, healthy working environment and interior comfort. Comfort Heat frost protection of pipes, ice and snow melting systems were installed in the building.


Project scope:

Pipeline systems length  – 533m,

Output: 18/36 W/m,

Total output – 9,8 kW.



11FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 87 m,

17FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 378 m,

23FSLe2- CT self-regulating heating cable – 87 m,

Gte2 self-regulating heating cable – 323 m,

ETV-1991 thermostats – 8 pcs.,

ETN4-1999 thermostats – 2 pcs.,

ETF-744/99 temperature sensors – 2 pcs.