Office building U-219 in Ukmergės str. 219, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019

U219 – new business centre on Ukmergės street. The multi-functional building includes office space, leisure areas, café-restaurants and commercial space. A functional, comfortable and high-quality work environment will provide added value to corporate employees.

The leasable area will reach as much as 15.000 sq. meters.

The buildings have a smart Comfort Heat ice and snow melting and frost protection systems of roofs, driveways and pipelines.


Project scope:

Pipeline system length – 3383 m,

Entrances to car parkings area – 100 m²,

Floor heating area  – 42 m²,

Total output – 76,1 kW.


11FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 411m,

17FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 1426m,

23FSLe2- CT self-regulating heating cable -1322m,

31FSLe2- CT self-regulating heating cable -224m,

CFTAV-300 heating mats – 13pcs.,

CFSAV-300 heating mats – 2 pcs.,

CTAV-18 heating cables – 5pcs.,

ETV-1991 thermostats – 12 pcs.,

ETR2-1550 thermostats – 4 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensors – 3 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensor – 1 pcs.

ETF-744 temperature sensor – 1pcs.