Mindaugo 14, apartment houses, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015

A real estate diamond in the Old Town of Vilnius is built according to a high standard of quality. The „Mindaugo 14“ complex has 71 luxury apartments, 21 of them in the historical part of the complex.

The building is equipped with Comfort Heat roof and entrances to car parking ice and snow melting systems.

Project scope:

Rainwater drainage system length: 230 m,

Entrance protection from ice area: 20 m²,

Output: 18/36 W/m, 30 W/m,

Total output: 11,2 kW.



CTACV – 30 heating cables -2 pcs.,

GTe-2 self-regulating heating cable -243 m,

ETR2-1550 thermostats – 3 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensors  – 1 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensors  – 2 pcs.,

ETF-744/99 temperature sensors  – 2 pcs.