Hotel Pacai in renovated Pacai palace, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018

Built in the 17th century, Pacai Palace was renovated in 2018 as the 5* hotel. Now the new Pacai hotel, built with a baroque style courtyard, has  104 unique rooms and suites with historical names, which have been created to reveal the motives of the past.


Hotel bathrooms floors equipped with the Comfort Heat underfloor heating provide a pleasant comfort.

To keep hotel guests safe, ice and snow melting system is installed in the roof gutters and downpipes of building.


 Project scope:

Bathrooms area – 208 m²,

Bathrooms – 104 pcs.,

Rainwater drainage system length 350 m,

Total output  – 56 kW.



CTAV-18 heating cables – 104 pcs.,

C501 thermostats – 104 pcs.,

GTe2 self-limiting heating cable – 355 m.,

ETN4-1999 thermostat – 1 pcs.