The Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square building was built in 1900. During the reign of the TSAR, the treasury of the Vilnius Governorate was established. Later, the New York Hotel was opened in another block. From 1948 onwards the building used to be the central telegraph of the city. In year 2006 renovation of the building was started. The luxurious 5* Kempinski Hotel opened its doors in Vilnius in 2012.

Hotel bathrooms floors with the Comfort Heat underfloor heating and mirror heating provide a pleasant comfort.

To keep hotel guests safe, ice and snow melting system installed in the roof gutters and downpipes of building. Entrance and surrounding pavements, driveways to car parking and ramps were protected from ice and snow using heating cables, mats controlled by microprocessor-based thermostats.


Project scope:

Bathrooms heating area – 288 m²,

Bathrooms – 96 pcs.,

Mirror heating –  96 pcs.,

Rainwater drainage system length – 340 m,

Sidewalks and еntrance heating аrea – 57 m²,

Total output  – 76 kW.



CTAE-160 heating mats – 96 pcs.,

CTAE-160 Mirror heating mats – 96 pcs.,

CTAV-18 heating cables  – 4 pcs.,

CFSAV-280 heating mats6 pcs.,

ETV-1991 thermostats –96 pcs.,

Gte2 self-limiting heating cable – 380 m,

ETO2-4550 microprocessor-based thermostat – 96 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensor – 3 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensor  -1 pcs.,

ETF-744 temperature sensor -1 pcs.