AB SEB Bank, R. Baravyko str., Vilnius, 2020

SEB  relocated employees from 5 different locations in Vilnius to the new building in Baravyko str. 1.1 thous. of people were employed here. The building area is 12.9 thousand. sq. meters in total, there are 840 workplaces in the building.

The building has a smart Comfort Heat ice and snow melting and frost protection systems of roofs, driveways and pipelines.

 Project scope:

Rainwater collection system length -180 m,

The length of the pipeline system – 2100 m,

Entrance area – 36 m²,

The total power – 56.16 kW.



11FSM2-CT Self-Regulating Heating cable – 946m,

17FSM2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 992 m,

23FSLe2-CT self-regulating heating cable – 162 m,

Gte2 self-regulating heating cable – 180 m,

CTACV-30 heating cable – 359m,

ETV-1991 thermostats – 10 pcs.,

ETR2-1550 thermostats – 3 pcs.,

ETOG-55 ground sensors – 2 pcs.,

ETOR-55 roof sensor – 1 pc.,

ETF-744 temperature sensor – 1 pc.