What is general room heating?

General room heating is known as main heating, where electric floor heating (heating cables or mats) is the only source of heat in the house. The Comfort Heat electric floor heating system is efficient, remotely controlled and requires no maintenance or service.

Comfort Heat electric heating system consists of:

  • CTAV-18/10 heating cables, installed in concrete or tile adhesive layer,
  • Heating mats CTAE-160/100/200, installed in the tile adhesive layer,
  • Aluminium foil heating mats CATE-80, placed directly under the laminate or parquet floor,
  • C101, C501 electronic thermostats for controlling floor temperature,
  • C511T programmable thermostat with timer to control heating system,
  • Comfort Touch smart thermostat with liquid crystal display,
  • Smart Comfort Wi-Fi thermostat that controls the heating system from your mobile phone.