How much does it cost to install an electric floor heating system?

The cost of installation of Comfort Heat underfloor heating system is low, and it is several times lower compared to the installation costs of traditional heating systems.

Installation work does not take much time and is not expensive. The installation of a 130 m² electric heating system in a residential house is three times cheaper than the installation of a heating system with a heat pump. There is a general rule for calculating the heating system: the larger is the heating area, the lower is the cost of installing a square meter system. The cost of a smaller heated area installation (1.5-2 m²) is relatively higher, which is influenced by the part of the price of the thermostat per m².

The price of an electric floor heating system depends on several factors:

  • room size and heated floor area,
  • underfloor heating used as the main heating (the only heat source),
  • Underfloor heating used as additional heating with another heating system.