What products are used to install a floor heating system?

The Comfort Heat electric floor heating system consists of heating cables, heating mats and thermostats controlling the heating system. They are installed:

  • heating mats CTAE-100/160, 100 W/m², 160W/m², under tile, stone flooring,
  • heating mats CTAE-200, 200 W / m², for tiny bathrooms with a lot of furniture under tile, stone flooring,
  • heating mats CATE-80, 80W/m² under laminate, parquet flooring,
  • CTAV-10/18 heating cables 10W/m or 18W/m under tile, stone, parquet or carpet flooring,
  • thermostats C101, C501 for control of the heating system,
  • programmable thermostats C511T, Comfort Touch for efficient control of the heating system,
  • Smart thermostat Comfort Wi-Fi for controlling the heating system remotely via a mobile phone.

To select the right products for your house heating, we recommend to use the Heat Math underfloor heating calculator available on our website: www.comfortheat.eu or to contact Comfort Heat partners.