Is the floor sensor necessary? I didn’t install it.

Comfort Heat thermostats C101 | C501 | C502 | 511T work only with floor temperature sensors, so a floor temperature sensor is necessary.

The Comfort Touch, Comfort Wi-Fi and Comfort ECO thermostats have floor and room temperature sensors. The required temperature sensor is selected via the thermostat settings.

The room temperature sensor is built into the thermostat, so it is not necessary to install a floor temperature sensor in the room where the thermostat is installed. If you select a room temperature sensor in the thermostat settings, your heating system will operate according to the room temperature.

The floor temperature sensor must be installed when the heating system is controlled by the floor temperature sensor data (eg in the bathroom) or by the room temperature sensor and the floor temperature is limited by the floor temperature sensor data (eg parquet, laminate floor).

Such temperature control is used to limit the maximum floor temperature. This is important when installing wooden, laminate and parquet floor coverings.